Matt Kushi’s Coaching Lessons Introduction

Hi, my name is Matt Kushi and welcome to my Athletic Coaching Lesson Blog. I am using this blog as part of my website to talk to those who are interested in athletic coaching lessons and life lessons that you get from athletics. Below is my introduction. Please read and enjoy. More information about me and my experiences can be found at my website.

Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I have had a lifelong love affair with sports, especially baseball. Like many others, my best playing days are long behind me and were not thasta spectacular to watch. However, the lessons and opportunity that sports have provided to me are invaluable and ones that I will take with me always.

Athletics are not merely an activity that one partakes in. Rather it can be a world of lessons and opportunity for those who wish to learn from athletics and utilize the outlet that it provides. Athletics can teach us not only about games but how to lead a healthy lifestyle. It teaches us about physical education. It teaches us life lessons and exposes us to values such as teamwork, independence and hard work. f you are good enough, you can make a living out of your particular sport. Furthermore, with the heightened exposure of athletes in today’s society, you can raise awareness and aid causes.

In order for this all to work, people (both athletic participants and society) need to understand the role that athletics plays in society. Athletes need to be aware of what athletics can provide them. There also need to be coaches providing a proper education of the lessons to be learned and the fundamentals of the game.

The page that is listed on this page is my own athletics game and lesson plan that I think is a good way to view athletics. The postings will be aimed at teaching the role of athletics in society, teaching the fundamentals of sports (all games) and the life lessons that can be learned from athletics. By no means am I always right and disagreeing is alright. Please read and take what you may from the website. My lessons focus on game fundamentals and strategies, self awareness and independence, teamwork, a firm but flexible approach and a sound, sustainable mentality.

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