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Matt Kushi’s Athletic Lessons
Matt Kushi’s Coaching Lessons Introduction
The Keys To Success: Having a Positive, Self-Aware and Team-Based Mentality
Athletic Development in Youth
The Role of Athletics in Society
Public Image: What You Mean and Represent within Your Team and Community
Special Note – Baseball and Sports: An Inspiring Life Story (Brief Write-Up)
Athletic Coaching Lessons – An Overview and a Vessel to Learning
Athletic Sustainability: Self-Awareness and Adaptability
Mondays with Matt – Hadley Park and Recreation (Watch for new links soon!)

Welcome to the home of Matt Kushi’s Athletic Coaching Lessons. This page is for those who wish to learn lessons on how to be successful both on the athletic field of play and in life. As sports is often viewed as a microcosm of life, many of the lessons cross-translate. The lessons outlined on this page are lessons that are applicable both on the field of play and off of it. These lessons are meant to promote ideas of best strategies and to foster though and discussion as to what makes an athlete successful both on and off of the field.

To find out more about me – Matt Kushi – please view the respective tab. Please find below links to the various posts that will be available as they are written. These are also accessible through the sidebar on this website. Thank you and enjoy!